Alta Call, the first voice technology for contact centres bringing clients and agents closer together.

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Boost agents’ performance, capitalizing on voice.

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Every day, millions of calls to contact centers fail because of communication issues. This has an impact on contact centres’ business and on their working conditions.

Based on 12 years of research in signal processing and neurosciences, Alta Call makes conversations clear and natural.

Easy-to-install massively, no user-interaction needed to run, immediate integration with every software or conferencing plarform (Hermes, Avaya, Zoom, Teams, etc.).

Using Alta Call, contact centers agents boost their individual performance.


Up to +12%

On the phone, clients and customers picture each other from their voice. Can I trust this person? Am I losing my time?

Customer satisfaction

Up to +15%

Alta Call makes conversations clearer and more natural, leading to better customers' and agents' experience - with no further effort on their side.

How does it work?

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Alta Call turns any voice into a clearer one, and enhances smile. Agents’ work is eased, as they can focus on the client (active listening) while reducing the effort on their tone of voice. Clients perceive them more positively, conversations are easier. Agents are less tired, happier at work and more engaged.


Making speech more intelligible and removing background noise.


Research with our clients shows that call center operators enhanced with Alta Voce get to engage with more customers than in their normal, unprocessed audio conditions.


Enhancing a speaker’s attitude, for instance how smiling and welcoming they sound.


Research in the lab shows that smiling voices engage more attention from listeners, triggers spontaneous smiles, and is especially effective on younger listeners.

In the call-center industry, voices augmented with our technology increase customer engagement and agents’ performance.

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Integrate voice enhancement into your own applications

Voice is everywhere, let it sound.

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Our SDK can adapt to your needs for voice enhancing, background noise canceling and emotion effects.

Applications include:

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